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Hendrick’s is an iconoclastically produced, small-batch gin distilled in the decidedly un-ginnish Scotland, drawing upon centuries of distilling expertise and plentiful pure soft water. Hendrick’s values the sublimely abnormal quality of ingredients and the most delightful and least ordinary palette of eleven botanicals from the four corners of the world.
Hendrick’s uses a marriage of two spirits from a Carter-Head and Bennet Still and it is delightful infusions with cucumber and rose petals.

Amarula Cream

The marula tree, or ‘Sclerocarya Birrea’, only grows in one area on the entire planet – the warm, frost-free regions of subequatorial Africa. It holds a position of importance both in the animal kingdom and in human legend and ritual, and it is from the fruit of this mystical tree that Amarula cream is borne. Once the ripe marula fruit has been gathered, the stones are removed and the flesh is separated from the skin before it is fermented under conditions similar to winemaking. After fermentation, the marula wine is distilled, first in column stills and then in copper pot stills.

Tequila Jesús Maria

Produced with careful manipulation of the sweet blue agaves from the city of Jesús María, Altos de Jalisco, our Tequila bring to brasilian people all the Mexican tradition.

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