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Planeta's history is the story of a journey through time and space, through Sicily from west to east, and through the five areas where today they produce their wines, their olive oils and the places of their family hospitality. A long journey which they chose in order to protect the uniqueness of the environment, the countryside and the culture with the same respect with which they explore the characteristics of the terroirs and the vineyards, enhancing the specific details of each area.

Sierra Nevada

They set out with a simple goal: brew the beers they wanted to drink. They started small, with a homebrew shop, a love of American hops and plenty of passion. In the process, they changed the beer world forever. Decades later, they're still at it, and the passion burns brighter than ever..

Robert Mondavi

The California Coast didn't look like wine country, but Robert Mondavi saw its potential and planted vineyards. The unique geography and climate are what allow them to grow a wide variety of delicious grapes that give their wines the distinctive character and intense fruit flavor.
Today, the winemaker, Jason Dodge, crafts 11 different wines, each with the pure fruit flavors that only this unconventional winegrowing region can create.

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